1. Product Dimensions: 83*35*58(inches)
2. Weight: 269lbs
3. Max user weight capacity: 350lbs
4. Max incline:12%
5. Max decline: 0%
6. Max speed: 11mph
7. Running surface dimensions: 60*20(inches)
8. Motor: 3hp


The Yowza Fitness Daytona is especially designed for residential trainees. With a powerful motor of 3.0 HP, it not only enhances smoother workout sessions, but also provides a sturdy balance to the machine coupled with a heavy flywheel. Now the users can indulge in secondary activities such as listening music, watching TV, movies, etc. during workout without having to worry about the noise emitted by motors.

Also, the treadmill has a unibody steel frame which is powder coated. This makes it scratch-resistant and low maintenance. The Yowza Daytona deck is wax injected and is laminated with three layers. This means it has a very low maintenance as compared to other treadmills. Also, the floating deck has elastomer rings and excellent shock absorption cushioning to reduce joint impact.

The product comprises of an exceptional console placed in such a way so as to serve customers comfortably. It not only keeps track of fitness data, but also allows users to access different fitness programs and design a few of their own. It also has additional features such as two cup holders, heart rate monitors, MP3 jack with speaker system and two three-speed fans. Stating heart rate monitors, one cannot forget about the built-in hand grip pulse monitors which act according to individual users and often introduce them with heart rate workout programs automatically.


It provides a good inclination level up to 12% and as mentioned earlier, is ideal for residential trainees to challenge themselves on different terrain levels. This encourages users to exercise and burn more.The machine has a rare feature of transport wheels. Now users have the freedom to transport the machine to desired part of the house and workout happily wherever they want.


Yowza provides a lifetime warranty on the motor and frame of the machine. It offers five year warranty on machine parts and two years on labor. Moreover, it offers a 60-day money back guarantee and 90 days of price protection once customers purchase the treadmill.



  1. Product dimensions: 83*37*64(inches)
  2. Weight: 431lbs
  3. User weight capacity: 400lbs
  4. Max speed: 14mph
  5. Running surface dimensions: 60*22(inches)
  6. Motor: 4hp



The Life Fitness Club Series comprises of a 4hp powerful motor that enables a top speed of 14mph and endures a max user weight capacity of 400 pounds.

Not only this, but such a powerful motor enhances smoother and more comfortable workout sessions that enable users to indulge in secondary activities during workouts such as listening to music,watching TV, etc. disturbance free.

The deluxe console is featured with 22 workout programs. These also include heart rate related workouts to offer safer and more personalized workouts for users.

Stating this, one cannot forget to mention the Go System Quick Start feature which allows the users to track their progress and get advice including preferred walks, jogs, run speeds, etc. The console also offers users to charge their devices while training and an iPod integration feature for entertainment.

The treadmill is also embedded with a wireless heart rate monitorand a contact heart monitor. It can be executed by using a chest strap while working out. This feature serves appropriate for heart patients and health-conscious customers.

The Club Series Treadmill delivers a 60*20 inches track that is ideal for tall runners and offers shock absorption up to 30% to reduce joint impacts and injury risks.

This shock absorption is offered by FlexDeck system that provides durable polyurethane springs for longitivity. The track also delivers a 15% incline to users for more challenging workouts as this encourages more fat burning on incline as compared to flat walking or outdoor walking.

Moreover, the treadmill offers additional features such as ergobar, accessory tray and seamless iPod compatibility for the user convenience.



The Club Series offer a 10 year warranty on treadmill parts and one year on labor.


The product delivery takes a minimum of two weeks after order. As White Glove delivery is more trusted and experienced one, it requires one more week to deliver the product as it brings the machine home and offers proper assembly as compared to a normal delivery which simply leaves the boxed packaging outside home.

Also, this Club Series is not space efficient as it nearly requires a space of two treadmills. Its user weight capacity is 400lbs and weighs 431lbs. Heavy treadmills offer a transportation hindrance as compared to other treadmills which are lighter and offer nearly as much user weight capacity as Club Series.




  1. Product dimensions: 83*43*63(inches)
  2. Weight: 277lbs
  3. Maximum user weight : 400lbs
  4. Max incline: 15%
  5. Max decline: 0%
  6. Max speed: 12mph
  7. Running Surface Dimensions: 60*20(inches)
  8. Motor: 3hp

The Vision Fitness TF 40 Classic features a 10 inches full-color touch screen display console with HD video and access to ViaFitTMand Passport Media Player. It is also compatible with iPod and speakers. This console is placed in such a way to serve comfortably to users during workout and boasts these amazing set of features mentioned above.

It also offers Virtual Active Programming which is offered by two top-tier consoles and sorts’ two locations. It also allows users to buy additional courses to adhere to.

With Visions’ own ViaFitTM users are able to monitor, set and track their workout data without manually entering it. This is a wireless feature which also enables users to access different workout apps. Also there is a Digital Drive System which responds to the user by automatically adjusting speed and incline settings accordingly.

The machine boasts remarkable and exceptional workout programs.

It also provides heart rate monitoring with built-in heart rate sensors, receiver and a chest strap. This serves just ideal for heart patients and users who like to challenge themselves at different fitness levels.


This model offers an incline up to 15% which is one of the highest among the market. Users can now challenge themselves at different terrain levels and this feature serves ideal for training athletes,mountaineers, etc.

Moreover, this product offers a folding frame to save space. This treadmill can minimize its size from 79 inches in length to 40 inches.

The 60*20 inches running area is wide enough for users of any height and shape. It is inclusive of Ultra ZoneTM cushioning systemto reduce the joint impact. Also the running belt supported by 2.4 inches crowned rollers, is ideally 2-ply maintenance-free waxed belt.

It has additional features such as a reading rack, water bottle holder and accessory storage for the leisure convenience of users. Not to forget the max user weight capacity of 400lbs which is exceptionally strong feature for a treadmill, it serves just right for obese users.



The Vision Fitness provides a lifetime warranty for the cushioning, frame and motor of the treadmill. It also offers five years warranty on machine parts and two years on labor.





  1. Product dimensions: 77*34*59(inches)
  2. Weight: 259lbs
  3. User weight capacity: 300lbs
  4. Max incline: 15%
  5. Max speed: 10mph
  6. Running surface dimensions: 55*20(inches)
  7. Motor: 2.5hp



The Easy Life Fitness Treadmill is designed in the most efficient manner such that users are able to burn more ergonomically. It is a leader in the commercial treadmill industry.

Powered by MagnaDrive motors, the 2.5hp motor is sufficient for many trainees. It enhances whisper-quiet and smoother workout sessions such that users are able to indulge in secondary activities such as attending professional phone calls, watch TV, movies, listening music, etc.

It has a smart console that features a basic selection of workouts such as hill, manual, random, fat burn, cardio, etc. Moreover, endless programs can be created by users online and downloaded to the treadmill. It is also compatible with iPod, comprises of an ergobar and additional features such as accessory tray and 2 dishwasher friendly cup holders.

A wireless chest strap comes as a part of the treadmill in order to keep track on heart rate monitoring of users. This feature is appropriate for heart patients as well as health-conscious customers. Also, the running track 55*20 offers FlexDeck cushioning that augments shock absorption up to 30% and minimizes joint impact and injury risks.


It also offers a 15% incline which can further be distributed into three different incline positions. These offer a challenging workout for users on different terrain levels.

Bearing a maximum user weight capacity of 300 pounds, the treadmill is flexible enough to endure obese users. Also, it takes good care of safety features such as Child Safety lock. With this feature, users can activate the treadmill with a help of a key.

Moreover, the treadmill is foldable vertically to save a good amount of floor space and is energy smart as it reduces its power draw when users are not stepping for a while or taking a break. It also adjusts its power draw according to the user weight and is designed keeping the Eco-friendly outcomes in mind.



The F1 treadmill delivers a lifetime warranty on the frame and cushioning system. It also offers a 10-year warranty on its motor, 5-year warranty on mechanical and electrical parts and one-year warranty on labor


It offers a 55*20 inches long track which is good enough to walk for a user but not long enough to run for a trainee. When unfolded, the unit requires a good amount of space to execute.

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